Kombucha Home Kit

Kombucha Home Kit

Kombucha Home Kit

Become a Kombucha Home Brewer

Created by the Master Brewers of Fermented Tea Company, this Home Brew Kit will give you all you need to create your own Kombucha. For beginners and experts alike, become a Kombucha Home Brewer.


Artisan made, this SCOBY is a hybrid of three specific commercial-grade cultures deemed the best, including a Jun SCOBY. Fed only with loose leaf teas blended with herbs, spices, and Sonoran Desert Cactus fruit to create a unique flavor profile.


The Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) converts sugar and caffeine into probiotics, amino acids, B-12 vitamins, and much more.

This kit Includes

Commercial Grade FTC SCOBY

Gallon Glass Fermentation Jar

Base Kombucha Starter

Base Green Tea

PH Testing Strips

Straws (for tasting throughout fermentation process)

FTC Pamphlet for instructions, guidelines, and common questions

Available only through Fermented Tea Company!

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By purchasing, the customer agrees for the provided culture to not be used for any retail purposes.