Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

[ 4-Pack, 16oz Bottles ]

Inspired by the life rain water gives the Sonoran Desert and as an awareness to keep our river washes clean.

Lady Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot and Jasmine Green Tea when fermented give a thirst-quenching flavor of a sour grape.  The palate is then treated to a shower of Lavender, and Butterfly Pea Flower.

An amazing thing happens when we make this kombucha. The Butterfly Pea Flower tea naturally starts out vibrant blue, but when it is done fermenting it turns a royal purple color.

Radiate Flower Power when enjoying this sparkling luxurious probiotic beverage!

Ingredients: Purified water, Non-GMO Evaporated Cane Sugar, Live Kombucha Culture, Lady Earl Grey Tea, Nilgiri Black Tea, Jasmine Special Grade Tea, Lavender, Bergamot, Vanilla, Butterfly Pea Flower.

0.05% or Less Alcohol