Good Green Tea

Good Green Tea

Good Green Tea

[ 4-Pack, 16oz Bottles ]

Smooth and sparkling! This Kombucha will leave your mouth feeling refreshed!

We use only premium Dragon Well Green Tea (aka Longjing Tea) in the making of our Green Tea Kombucha.  Known for its sweet, nutty flavor.

Green Tea Kombucha retains the health benefits of being rich in polyphenols that protect against cardiovascular disease.  Also, contains something very special called EGCG (plant phenols) that interfere with oxygenation in the cells which can be a contributing factor in a number of illnesses, most notably cancer.

Nurture your body while sipping this refreshing, low-sugar probiotic fizzy beverage.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Non-GMO Evaporated Cane Sugar, Live Kombucha Culture,  Dragon Well Tea.

0.05% or Less Alcohol